If you're here, you're probably one of us, and this page is for you. If not, we're happy to share. Perhaps it can help, whatever your career stage.

Climate Connect culture is vibrant, whether you‘re online or in the office. We work together in an environment that is friendly, productive, and nurturing.

When we started up back in 2010, we had vague ideas about doing smart-data related work in energy markets. We envisioned a team of super bright and inspired professionals from several nationalities combining their skills to change the world - making energy greener, cheaper, and abundant, to enhance the future of humanity. It’s easy to underestimate how important culture is to a start-up’s existence. We’ve had to learn that it’s dynamic and ever-evolving, rather than set in stone. Looking back, it gives us a smile to say that our culture has been the key factor behind the company's success so far. The team has doubled in size over the past year, and as this growth continues, existing team members will need to take added responsibilities, whilst new members need to quickly grasp what the company culture is all about. Though dynamic and ever-evolving, certain elements have endured and are part of our core company ‘DNA’. So here is what has worked for us, along with what has not, and even the stuff that has admittedly ended up in disaster. We hope this will prove useful to new team members, existing members taking on new leadership roles, and even non-Climate Connect site visitors looking for guidance on whatever stage their career is at.

To help you navigate, we will try best to convey two ideas.

- Our vision of how you fit into the team, and why you are valuable to us

- Tips & tricks to get the most out of your time with us - This is the basis of your role at Climate Connect.


Transform yourself. Interns arrive as students and emerge as high-calibre professionals, just like the rest of the team. How? Mostly, it's you. Your grit, your imagination, your transformation.


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